Feelings are Funny Things

An inquiry into emotions, thoughts and actions using stories and storytelling

‘Feelings are Funny Things’  is a teaching and learning programme for schools to help develop emotional learning and wellbeing through stories and storytelling.

Our philosophy is based in using the arts to stimulate engagement and learning.    Stories and storytelling are used to help understand thoughts, emotions, relationships and choices – the foundation skills necessary in building emotional wellbeing and health.   We tell stories that  are explored in a community of inquiry and teach storytelling skills to develop confidence and communication skills.

“The less confident children in the class have been much more able to speak up and interact in the class room setting.”                                                                                                                                      Class Teacher

“The children are much more open to talking about feelings. It helped one child with anxiety, particularly, to be able to talk about it a lot more.  The change is phenomenal.”                                             Class Teacher

We can tailor our programmes to individual school requirements and can work either intensively or over longer periods.   We value working closely with teachers and school staff so that they can continue building on the learning after our intervention.    We also provide training for school staff.

Who We Are

Dr Steve Killick is a Clinical Psychologist and Storyteller with 30 years experience of working in NHS, education and third sector settings. He has written extensively on the educational and therapeutic use of stories including ‘Telling Tales:storytelling as emotional literacy,’ ‘Building Relationships through Storytelling’ and ‘Emotional Literacy at the Heart of the School Ethos.’ He currently works with The Resilience Project, an innovative NHS project working into schools

Phil Okwedy is a storyteller and writer. He has had 16 years classroom experience and not works nationally and internationally. He has written ‘Will and the Welsh Black Cattle’ and has recently been recognised through the Literature Wales ‘Representing Wales: Developing Writers of Colour’ scheme.

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