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I grew up in Devon where my experiences of schooling led me to work on a Youth Opportunities Programme for young people based at Dartington Hall.   I trained in Psychology at Cardiff University and developed my interests in storytelling, drama and performance in education and therapy.  This ranged from working in street theatre & circus and making a number of video films related to mental health and child development.

I worked in the NHS and in other health, education and third sector settings and have developed my interests in using storytelling in these contexts and reflected in my publications including ‘Telling Tales-Storytelling as Emotional Literacy’ (with Taffy Thomas), ‘Building Relationships through Storytelling’ (with Maria Boffey) and ‘Feelings are Funny Things’ (with Phil Okwedy).

My coaching and therapeutic work is very influenced by mindfulness practices particularly ‘Acceptance and Commitment Therapy(ACT)’.   I now work in independent practice in both adult and child contexts focussing on areas such as wellbeing and resilience, attachment and loss, emotional intelligence and positive psychology.     I am an experienced trainer working with several universities and organisations.    I also work as a storyteller and am currently involved in developing ‘Feelings are Funny Things’,  a project for schools to help think about feelings and wellbeing using storytelling.

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